How should one deal with Monsoon blues

The switch from summer to monsoon is a sudden change in weather that affects our lives and our Aura. While some people experience physical symptoms like suffocation and restless, others feel emotionally low, inactive or depressed in their monsoon blues. Spiritual Healer, Dr. Madhu Kotiya suggests some simple tips to beat Monsoon Blues and come out kicking : The pace and quality of breath are … Continue reading How should one deal with Monsoon blues

Guest Post Feature – Raj Narayan

Greetings! The Guest Feature on Paint the world this week is Mr. Raj Narayan from India. About Raj Narayan: I am Rajnarayan. I’m from India. I do stuff very synonymous to the usage “painting with words”. I reflect my emotions, knowledge, passion, pain and all other things that occur to me in writing. I am a minimalist by nature. I can’t be “religious” except when it … Continue reading Guest Post Feature – Raj Narayan

Call for Guest Post Submissions

Dear Friends, Fellow Bloggers & Readers! This post is in regards to Guest Post Submissions. Well, As I said, I would be featuring writers every Thursdays in the Guest Feature Section, but due to less amount of submissions, I fail to feature every week, so until I don’t receive ample amount of write-ups, I may not be able to feature every week, but every month … Continue reading Call for Guest Post Submissions


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WRITTEN AND SUBMITTED BY:  Amreen B. Shaikh Before I could begin, I would like to share what inspired me to write this post. I recently read a small excerpt about an autistic child who amazed the teachers by his assignment. Students were told to alphabetically arrange few stated words in the answer box. The kid perceived the statement in… Continue reading LIFE IS HOW WE PERCEIVE IT…