Guest Post Feature – Raj Narayan


The Guest Feature on Paint the world this week is Mr. Raj Narayan from India.

About Raj Narayan: I am Rajnarayan. I’m from India. I do stuff very synonymous to the usage “painting with words”. I reflect my emotions, knowledge, passion, pain and all other things that occur to me in writing. I am a minimalist by nature. I can’t be “religious” except when it just means being dedicated. I am religious in fitness and writing. That’s a very strange combination, some say. I love to be liked and loved. I love to be worthy individual. I’ve never had been in a culture where people hug a lot. I miss that. 

Raj Narayan’s poetry blog is

Raj Narayan’s slogan blog is

Countrymen Carnival

                                                   — Raj Narayan

Talking to people

who’re neighbors to me;

Stopping at nothing

that earns joy for free.

Look on together,

like countrymen true.

So be it in glory

and hardships too.

I, a red blood guy;

So sure I’m making a name

before I die.

So pack up for the trip!

We’re reaching there

and singing past the sun’s dip.

Note: Guest Posts by other Authors on PTWWW will be showcased once a month, as long as there are more submissions. To make this feature happen every week, kindly send in your writings to

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