Words & Wisdom- A Poetic Memory!

  A Poetry is a melody of the mind, a beautiful memory indeed, captured within words. What do you think? What does Poetry mean to you? What’s your definition of Poetry? Every individual has a different perception about it and it influences many in many different ways, so tell your story about Poetry, what has it changed in you? Or whether it inspires you? Or … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- A Poetic Memory!

Words & Wisdom- The World’s Grace!

27th July, 2015 was a day I may never forget in my lifetime, as I witnessed extremely heavy rainfall early morning. I remember the noise of the rain when it fell on the ground and everything about that atmosphere was beautiful, despite knowing that the breeze was strong and the rains almost blurred my locality in sight. 27th July, 2015, late evening, I received a … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- The World’s Grace!

Words & Wisdom- The End

This life and its course is temporary. Nothing in life is permanent, isn’t it? Then, why do we degrade our lives and fall into despair when we fail, despite knowing the fact that it is short-lived? Let’s give it a thought! What are your thoughts about failure? Do you believe in the notion of ‘Failure is the stepping stone to progress’ or are you the … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- The End

Parents- Think before you speak :)

All parents say the wrong things sometimes, but experts say choose your words wisely. Parents are the windows of inspiration and learning to their kids. Children look upon their parents for learning various virtues and imbibe their teachings in their respective lives. We must take care and choose our words wisely before uttering them in front of their children, so that it doesn’t impact them … Continue reading Parents- Think before you speak 🙂