Lifetime for me
lies in those baskets of memories,
filled with the aroma of bliss…

It possesses the reminiscence of cheerfulness
as bright as sunshine,
with no bits of sorrow…

It instills a faded image of blossoms,
just like the mild taste of coffee
which persists on the tongue for long…

It is enveloped
with the cool breeze of care,
amidst the climate of hot summer…

It is like the excitement filled in us,
when our expectant soul
anticipate a beautiful tomorrow…

It is brimmed with tranquility
of an untouched beauty,
which fascinates exploration…

It is like an enchanting prelude
occupying my mind
with sheer peace…

That’s the beauty of a lifetime
I long for…

Those are the moments
I wish to live like a journey,
amidst the hollows of darkness
I am imbibed in…

~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh

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