Thoughtfully Crafted Words – My Poetry E-Book

Dear Friends, Fellow bloggers & Readers!

I feel great to present you all with my Poetry E-Book- “Thoughtfully Crafted Words”- a collection of poems written by me which releases today- 9th Jan, 2014. Today is a very special day for me for its my Father’s birthday and I dedicate this E-book to my parents for all the love, support, care and happiness they gave me throughout my life. I feel so blessed to have them and feel privileged, thanks to TCW, that I could gift them the moments of happiness they always rightfully deserved.

I always wished to author a book and with TCW, my dream seems fulfilled. I started writing this book in November, last year and was real busy with the editing, selection and making of good poems for the book. “Thoughtfully Crafted Words” contains varied topic poems- some formed poetry, brevity and free style poems. All I wish to convey through it is the beauty of Poetry and I hope my endeavor is recognized.

On this note, I also thank everyone who has been there for me, helped me realize my passion for writing and to my fellow bloggers, friends and readers for their constant support and love. I could also not forget the help of my PnQ friends- be it the discussion boards or the club members, they all have helped me in a way to shape my passion and I wholeheartedly thank them for that.

Kindly follow the below link to access and read the book:

Thoughtfully Crafted Words

You can also download it directly by following the below link:

Direct Download

I encourage each one of you to download this free E-Book available on and enjoy reading few thoughts which I penned. And I really hope, they are loved by everyone. I plan to write “Thoughtfully Crafted Words – Volume II” in the future.


Amreen B. Shaikh

68 thoughts on “Thoughtfully Crafted Words – My Poetry E-Book

  1. May I suggest you write a page and make it sticky so that it will be visited each day? It is a good way to be able to have it posted everyday for as long as you like.


  2. Reblogged this on Totally Inspired Mind… and commented:
    Hello all my friends and followers on Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate. My inspiring friend Amreen Shaikh has a beautiful e-book of her poetry called “Thoughtfully Crafted Words” that she generously is sharing with the world.


      1. It is going to take me a long time to really read your book in depth and extract the meaning you intended on all of them.
        How many poems are in the book?
        Did you take the photos too?



      2. Also, there are many writing & poetry blogs you are on that I have never heard of. By exploring your blog, you opened up a whole new world of writing opps for me too.
        I havent decided which site I am using to self publish (or indie publish).
        I am going back and reading more of your beautiful poetry.
        That was quite a generous gift you gave the world. You could have easily charged for it.

        Thank you for the gift of your poetry and your friendship.

        Paulette Le Pore Motzko


      3. You really don’t know how much you made me feel wonderful about Poetry! I am really honored by such appreciation. And, to receive such admiration makes me think, I really did spread the love of Poetry I always wished to! I hope you enjoy the gift and spread it among your friends too!

        I do love your friendship dear and hope to be in touch always!

        Amreen Shaikh


      4. Also, if you explore, it is a collaboration web site that would allow us to even create a book of poetry etc together.
        Only you and I would be able to see the book and add or edit it. We could copyright it as a collective work.
        Just an idea.
        If you look at my post on the 15th called “Back To The Light”, it is a poem I wrote inspired by a photo by the same name from my friend Mena Habeeb.
        After seeing his photo, that just emerged, like a butterfly in a meadow.


      5. I saved the link to it on my cell phone and bookmarked it on my Android MyTouch phone. That is what I create many of the blog posts on, unless it involves a lot of text, and I will copy/paste a Word Doc.


      6. Well, I really love your poem! It is so inspiring and positive. I feel you so correctly depicted the thought of the door to happiness and I really agree with your message. Some inspirations seem so rewarding indeed!:)



      7. I just nominated you for The Most Influential Blogger Award for your extraordinary poetry and felt it was particularly appropriate because your poems enlighten the mind and spirit.

        You can quote me on that Amreen.

        Paulette Le Pore Motzko


      8. I looked at the titles on my site, and it read as though I was plagerizing it!!! Never! I do quite the opposite but to showcase what I think is extraordinary talent.


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