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It is my pleasure to inform you all about a new addition to my best days. Yesterday, on 14th Jan, 2014, my Poetry E-Book “Thoughtfully Crafted Words” was reviewed by The Authors’ Blog and was rated a 3.5/5 as the overall rating and an extract of their feedback was “As a lover of art and poetry, I was really impressed by this book. Some of the poems are really beautiful. The opening poem “Smiles” is wonderfully crafted and gives a boost to readers. Some of the compositions that I personally liked are – Forbidden Love, Scribbled Words, Fall of Despair, and Poetry as an Art. ” I encourage you all to have a look at the review and do read my Poetry E-Book for fun!

~~~Amreen B. Shaikh

The Author's Blog

Name : Thoughtfully Crafted Words
Author : Amreen B.Shaikh
Genre : Poetry
Type : E-book
Source : Paint the world with words | Download

Rating :

Cover – 2.5/5
Content – 4/5
Writing Style – 4/5
Overall – 3.5/5

Thoughtfully Crafted Words

Review :

This is a small and concise collection of poetry by Amreen B.Shaikh. Book is beautifully crafted with different forms of poetry and visual content. The book contains 18 – 19 poetries which vary widely over different topics. A delightful read for poetry lovers. Some of the poems are fantastic urging readers to read them again. The book starts with a beautiful poem “Smiles” and ends with “Poetry as an art”. The book certainly leaves an impact over readers.

Beauty :
  • Short and gripping poems
  • Effective writing style
  • Beautiful composition
  • Complimenting pictures
  • Various forms of poetry
Beast :
  • Less content
  • Simple cover
DX’s View :

As a lover of art…

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