“The Be Inspired Weekly” Writing challenge #22


We are in the 22nd week of the “Be Inspired Weekly” and its really amazing to see new writers coming up for this challenge. The Challenge has witnessed experienced writers, new poets and mediocre ones trying to fit in to this challenge and what amazes me is how everyone has progressed to writing some real fabulous formed poetry since the commencement of this notion- The Be Inspired Weekly!

22 Weeks is a real long journey for me and also for those who have been writing for the challenge! Thanking everyone who has participated by far and helped this challenge grow with time and wishing you all a beautiful day ahead and hoping that your life be filled with amazing moments of happiness! :))

Would like to thank all the challengers of Week #21 for their wonderful display of Naani poetry form.


This week the challenge is to write a Clerihew poetry form. You can write a poem on any topic but it should be written in a Clerihew Poetry form style…. that’s it!

How to write a Clerihew

Once done writing the poem, you can comment your post link to this post or pingback it. If you don’t understand how to participate for this challenge, please leave a comment to this post, so I could help. Your pingbacks and comment helps me to comment on your work easily. You can submit the poem in by next Tuesday, so you have a week to write.



All the writers who would write consistently for 4 weeks will be awarded the “Be Inspired” Badge of excellence and creativity.

Start writing. Be Inspired.


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