The tidy thinking Litterbugs

One can never imagine India without those red strokes of beauty, pungent smell around the walls and the overflown dustbins available for view just everywhere!

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Litterbugs? Oh, how can we name those clean and fresh individuals who only add to the beauty of India as Litterbugs? Don’t we realize for ourselves that how tidy thinkers they are! Every day is a fresh new start to paint places with the love they contain. Every spot of red is like a stroke of creativity and uniqueness which they dab on the walls of untouched canvas. These tidy thinkers are hidden painters and what a unique way to portray their art than to sprinkle the waste they own to make it a creative art on the walls and what modesty they own that they leave their art as anonymous and open for the world to see. They are indeed the best-out-of-waste anonymous artists, roaming about with hidden identities, showing off their modesty at the best.

They empty their pockets, bags and hands to litter around the empty bottles, used cans or old tickets they own. They just want to share their belongings with the world. It’s just that people can’t interpret their hidden love for the society. They realize how much useful will these trash be for the garbage collectors and how much they care for them. They would not like the fact that the Garbage collectors would be of no use without their littering and that they would get unemployed. It might be the case with them that they do feel like using the bin for trash disposal, but then they think about those ladies with huge bags on their backs, wearing green gloves and collecting littered trash on the road and with a heavy heart, giving a way for those poor ladies to work and have a smile on their face, they silently litter, feeling proud about the big thing they did today!

Never to forget the beautiful construction of Men’s Toilet at Railway stations near the Ladies compartment, which only overpowers any perfumes the ladies wear and spreads around such nasty smell. Ladies can only be seen wearing a handkerchief on their faces and continuously staring at the indicator to be rid off of the difficult position they are in. This is just a way of theirs to tell the ladies that Men will be Men and so will they try to overpower women in every way they can.

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The best part of the tidy Litterbugs is the way they try to attack you when travelling. Many might have experienced those sudden encounters of chocolate wrappers or empty bottles on their face through the air. Those are just messages of love from the Litterbugs and indicates their playful nature. If you feel like, you too can throw away one of your litter in their face to indicate that you won back and the game is over!

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Well, you might wonder, why, all the while, I gave these beautiful, creative, artistic, strong, anonymous individuals a “tidy” title! Well, the Litterbugs, no matter what, they always keep themselves clean. When they have a bottle, chocolate wrapper or any used thing to throw, they would never keep it to themselves, not even touch their bodies or tuck it within their pockets, but throw it away. When they would want to spit, oh, I mean the artistic strokes, they would instantly paint the walls, but not think once of painting back themselves with their spit. So you see, no matter how filthy the environment turns, no matter how much rubbish the world might be littered with, the litterbugs can only see themselves tidy and clean and so at the end of the day, self-cleanliness is what matters them and not environmental cleanliness. So if we really want those tidy individuals to turn real tidy and mannered, we need to test and try it for themselves.

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So Dear Litterbugs, stop sharing, start caring!


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