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Love is such a beautiful feeling! To be in love is to fall in love with even the pettiest of things, bask in the glory of unheard tunes of love and feel those unseen butterflies under the belly. Oh, what a moment of mirth it is! I would love to share a few lines on Love and the beauty of it-

Love lingers in
the hearts of
true lovers
who live an
unwritten love story.

Indeed, Love is an unwritten story which waits for its true companions to write it with feelings. If I get a chance to propose my crush or love on valentine, I would be delighted and excited to seize the opportunity and convey him my thoughts and words.

I would secretly like to shower him with messages and make him feel special with my gifts or words. I would love to be his secret angel, giving him secret signals and indications about my love to him. I know he would be curious on his part to identify and recognize his secret admirer and lover.

I would start my secret mission a week before valentine, so I get enough time to send him messages on my part and he gets his space to feel special and at the same time, search and find his secret admirer.

I would prepare some of the gifts or messages on my own and buy some of them. I feel handwritten messages and hand-made gifts are beautiful and are made with love, so they denote a multitude of affection.

Beginning with messages, I will make small notes of what I like about him and how the affection started. I will pin those notes on his desk or at his frequently visited places in the college, so he notices them and reads them. Then would his seeking for his admirer begin and show my commencement of the mission.

I would then make small hand-made cards with small poems or rhyme to convey my feelings to him. Here are a few lines of what I have written-

Like words and rhyme
we would write a serenade,
hoping the world would remember
our love forever.

We would blend in our thoughts and affection,
like the warmth of sunrise
and the calmness of sunset
to pen a beautiful story.

I truly feel that real thoughts and words can make anyone fall for you, provided your love is true. And so, I think, small notes of love or hand-made cards comprising of love poems written by you can impact your love and they would consider your affection as real. I would secretly send these cards to him through pets by tying the card to the neck of the animal and keep him guessing about his secret angel.

Roses are beautiful and so are they meaningful to convey the message of true love. I would send roses tied with chocolates to him through his friends and tell them to not disclose him about the mission. By now, he would have loved the attention and would be seeking his lady love and eagerly waiting for her too, just like she is waiting for him.

When the love day dawns, I would have all those mixed feelings within me, despite the beautiful week I had, making him fall for me. I would call him up in the morning to meet me for the day. And dressed nicely, I would meet him at the benches near the banyan tree in college, where we first met, with a note in my hand and smile mixed with nervousness on my face. I would proceed towards him and sing him a beautiful song of love, to convey my affection to him. I would then hand him the note, hug him and whisper, “I love you” in his ears. I think, during all these moments, I would be brimming with adrenaline rush, but love itself is so different and unique and I do feel, that he would reciprocate to my love and say those lovely words back to me.

For Love can only share happiness 🙂

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