Rewarded with crafty ideas :D

Fold a set of wings
for yourself.
I’ll show you

I love the notion of creativity and feel immensely delightful in the ambiance of ideas. According to me, ideas bring our thoughts alive and brims our soul with freshness. The Internet is a huge encyclopedia to learn a new art everyday and explore the infinite potential within us. Quite recently, I’ve found my inspiration of learning new creatives, online, through a site called Reward Me! Believe me, it certainly does fit my notion of a fun-filled encyclopedia and it does, indeed owns the haven of creativity, with tips and tricks on learning various things, the innovative way.

The site has an amazing variety of topics covered, ranging from, Family, Food, Health & well-being, Home savvy, Beauty, and so on. I am glad to have stumbled upon this website and give my muse of creativity, the perfect blend of ideas and inspiration.

Art and Craft ideas for your Home - Reward Me
Photo Courtesy: Reward Me

Long story short, my recent addiction on the site was the Crafts’ Corner and I bet, you would keep surfing on and on. I have tried tips on Mother’s Day Gifts, Father’s Day gifts and of lately, I am into Origami.

It folds, it twists,
it turns with a wisp
colors, shapes and
all sizes to create
a beautiful treasure.

Origami is a priceless art and to learn and master it, is no less than conquering treasures. On Reward Me, I found simple tips and tricks to build my basics in Origami. With a complete information on types of folds and arrows in origami, a major portion of my Origami Craft Learning was completed and I was able to effortlessly create beautiful paper creations.

Fascinating folds
alluring art
inspirational ideas
captivating creations
assemble aesthetic art.

– Amreen Bashir Shaikh

Reward Me is indeed my ally because with its presence in my life, I learnt this appealing craft and also, it indirectly provided me an array of advantages.

Yes! Origami is not just an art, it is a host of rewards. If I study Origami, I not only cultivate a hobby, but also reap its complementary benefits.


The Many benefits of Origami
Behavioral Skills Co-operative Learning A Link to Math Cognitive Development Multi-cultural Awareness Community Building Promotes a feeling of achievement and well-being
Positive social interaction Can be a bridging therapy Team building exercise An opportunity for fun A goal setting experience Share feelings and knowledge Promotes co-operation and well being
Breaks down barriers Can be developed as a hobby Can be practiced anywhere No tools required Results in minutes Suitable for all ages and abilities And More..

Phew..! Isn’t Origami simply brilliant? They say develop a hobby to handle stress, depression and to develop a optimistic attitude, I say, go Origami, the Reward Me way! 😀


I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

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