Choose Bras for All Breast Sizes: How to Shop for Lingerie?

Even if you’re wearing expensive designer clothes if your lingerie gameplay isn’t good, everything falls apart. A perfect outfit isn’t just about what you wear on the outside, but also what you wear inside. Lingerie plays an important role in shaping your personality and figure. Perfect lingerie not only helps with amping up your fashion game but also helps in improving your body shape and posture. I think you all know breasts are of all different shapes and sizes. You could either have large or small, but do you know that they can be asymmetric, bell-shaped, side set or teardrop and they are all beautiful. I know this sounds crazy but girls it’s important to know what shape you have if you want to ace the lingerie game.

Therefore, picking the right bra is as important as picking up the perfect dress. 

We understand picking up the right bra is no piece of cake. You need to have a lot of knowledge about choosing the perfect bra. So to help you with it, we have some basic information you must look into before choosing a set of lingerie to match with what you plan to wear. I’m going to mention a few breast shapes and what’s the ideal match for it. So buckle up let’s get started:


As the name itself says asymmetrical it means one breast is larger than the other. This type of asymmetrical breast shape is the most common breast shape out there. Though both have different sizes still they have the same general appearance.

Best Bra Match:
For smaller breasts, wireless bras and bralettes are good to go. These let your breasts define how the bra supports them. The bra snugs to you perfectly. And for larger breast sizes you can go with underwire support like a t-shirt bra or balconette bra style. This is great for perfectly flattering your natural shape and silhouette.


Sporty breast shapes are wider and more muscular. Breast volume largely corresponds with body fat, which a lot of athletes don’t have, so they’ll often have less breast tissue than most of the women.

Best Bra Match:
To enhance your breasts, give them lift and accentuate them, go for a push-up bra. Also, a demi-cup or balconette bra is great for supporting your breasts and making them look fuller.

The round:

Perfectly flawless. Just as full as they are on top they are full underneath too.

Best Bra Match:
Round breast shapes don’t need any enhancement or padding as they are already perfect, so an unlined bra can be a good choice. If you want less coverage try a triangle bra or a plunge bra. In fact, all bra types will look great on a round breast shape.

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The divorce:

They are also called east-west or the snobs. Basically in this type, your nipples are facing away from each other. This kind of breast shape is fuller on the bottom.

Best Bra Match:
To give your east-west breast shapes a more rounded shape try out T-shirt bras and padded bras. T-shirt bras can be used every day, you can also try a front-open bra that will help in bringing both the breasts towards the center.

Tear Drop:

This kind of breasts is similar to round ones but in this case, the volume is concentrated in the low region. That means they are shallow at the top and heavy at the bottom.

Best Bra Match:

For a perfect push up and neat silhouette, padded and push-up bras are great. Underwire bras will also provide sufficient support and give the perfect lift to make your breasts look perfectly shaped.

The day nappers:

Slender breast shapes that are thin breasts with nipples pointing downward as if they’re sleeping. Slender breasts are also smaller on top and have a longer and wider bottom.

Best Bra Match:

Underwired plunge bras create flattering silhouettes and this is a universal truth. Isn’t it? So one with padding is a perfect choice to give slender breasts the right amount of lift.

I’m sure I gave you enough knowledge to buy the right bra for your size. All you have to do is take a good look at your breasts and identify the shape and make a list of bra types that you should have in your bra collection. Ladies now go get one for yourself!


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