Words & Wisdom- Brewing ideas!

  A brewing cup of coffee inspires many ideas. — Amreen @ Paint The World With Words   Many may agree that a cup of hot coffee is so refreshing and exhilarating. There have been times when my poems were inspired by coffee and, many writers and poets may also agree that coffee inspires fresh thoughts and ideas, isn’t it? What’s your thought on this … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- Brewing ideas!

Words & Wisdom- The Mystic Nature!

Nature is a beautiful reflection of God. And the best rescue to attain peace, tranquil and content, isn’t it? Many perceive it as an inspiration, and some perceive it as their muse.  What is nature for you? Has it ever been your rescue for solace or your rescue for inspiration or maybe, just your silent friend when you were a lost wanderer within its captive beauty? … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- The Mystic Nature!

Words & Wisdom- Building an attitude for life!

Our attitude is more than our personality, it defines us. And having a perfect attitude towards things signifies a perfect life. In many ways, our attitude defines our destiny. Our lives are full of ups and downs, but our attitude defines how we live them. An attitude of becoming a learner from our struggles and failures will make us perfect and an attitude to appreciate … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- Building an attitude for life!

Words & Wisdom- The path of happiness!

Desires and wants are the disguised face of dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, sadness and regrets. Can we ever settle for a life where greed is least involved? Everyone is aware of this fact, but how many of us, do really abide by it?  Is it because aspirations and expectations are of bigger comfort and content than the simple things in life? But isn’t it true that … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- The path of happiness!

Words & Wisdom- The Voyage!

Books are our best friends, our windows to another world, a beautiful voyage to an unknown land and a wanderer’s paradise, isn’t it? How many of us may relate to this? What are books to you? Have they been your best friend or a world of imagination and imagery or the canvas of inspiration? Sometimes, we even relate to a character in the story and, at … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- The Voyage!

Words & Wisdom- A Poetic Memory!

  A Poetry is a melody of the mind, a beautiful memory indeed, captured within words. What do you think? What does Poetry mean to you? What’s your definition of Poetry? Every individual has a different perception about it and it influences many in many different ways, so tell your story about Poetry, what has it changed in you? Or whether it inspires you? Or … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- A Poetic Memory!

Words & Wisdom- The World’s Grace!

27th July, 2015 was a day I may never forget in my lifetime, as I witnessed extremely heavy rainfall early morning. I remember the noise of the rain when it fell on the ground and everything about that atmosphere was beautiful, despite knowing that the breeze was strong and the rains almost blurred my locality in sight. 27th July, 2015, late evening, I received a … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- The World’s Grace!