#CelebratedBlogging with #WIN15!

This post won the ‘#CelebrateBlogging with #WIN15’ contest hosted by Blogadda Blogging is an art and celebrating it is another! BlogAdda’s #WIN15 event is the first ever blogging conference and event, I ever attended. And I must say, it was a never-forgetting event. #WIN15 took place on 20th September, 2015 at J.W. Marriott Sahar, in Mumbai. The event had awesome writers and bloggers from all … Continue reading #CelebratedBlogging with #WIN15!

How 27Coupons helped me shape my creativity!

Creativity is intelligence having fun. ~~~ Albert Einstein I truly believe that creativity is enjoyable. When we are creative and innovative in doing a certain task, we actually rejoice and have fun. In this way, we also learn a things, a lot better and do not find it monotonous and boring. Whenever I’m assigned a task, I try and think out of the box and … Continue reading How 27Coupons helped me shape my creativity!

Celebrating an emotion, called ‘Blogging’

Celebrating an emotion, called Blogging                                     ~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh Celebration is an everyday thing because a journey is never accomplished unless we celebrate every moment of it. Blogging is more than just a word it is a lifestyle which empowered my passion. It did not happened instantly, … Continue reading Celebrating an emotion, called ‘Blogging’

Rewarded with crafty ideas :D

Fold a set of wings for yourself. I’ll show you sky. I love the notion of creativity and feel immensely delightful in the ambiance of ideas. According to me, ideas bring our thoughts alive and brims our soul with freshness. The Internet is a huge encyclopedia to learn a new art everyday and explore the infinite potential within us. Quite recently, I’ve found my inspiration of learning new creatives, … Continue reading Rewarded with crafty ideas 😀

Generations of Love

God’s most precious work of art is the warmth and love, of a grandparent’s heart. A grandparent’s love is strong and deep, filled with memories to cherish and keep. Aren’t these lines so true to the word? I can well relate to them because I have really loving grandparents AND they have a loving grandchild in me. Since childhood, I have always enjoyed spending time with … Continue reading Generations of Love

See how my house turned from #SmellyToSmiley :)

This post won the Ambi Pur’s ‘#SmellyToSmiley Campaign’ hosted by Blogadda A person’s noseblindness to their home is real! And just that we cannot smell the odors in our house, doesn’t mean that others can’t! Everyone- including us, would feel lovely to step into a fresh home: a home wherein the air feels light and there’s the scent of water or green or… something beautiful…without … Continue reading See how my house turned from #SmellyToSmiley 🙂

The alchemy of Music :)

Last week, I was completely busy with ideas for working on the new campaign on my blog. Many a bloggers are aware of #The100DeedsOfChange Campaign which I will be starting in early August, this year, with the idea of creating a change and helping in making this world a better place. This would be a long event for sure, as it would feature 100 bloggers, … Continue reading The alchemy of Music 🙂

#The100DeedsOfChangeDrive Badge Reveal!

Greetings! It is a wonderful evening, while I update everyone about the badge for #The100DeedsOfChangeDrive. I have been quite busy, since I posted about a badge being awarded to everyone who participates in the Campaign. Today, I am completely done with the design of it and decided to reveal the badge to everyone. I hope everyone is excited the way I am! The thought of … Continue reading #The100DeedsOfChangeDrive Badge Reveal!

Can micro-blogging be associated with blogging?

Is micro-blogging a part or derived from blogging? Well, to answer this question, one needs to understand first what blogging and micro-blogging is, in order to establish a relation between them. Blogging, or weblog, as it is stated, is a way or medium to note or keep a record of our daily or important events, ideas, opinions and thoughts. It is like a virtual diary … Continue reading Can micro-blogging be associated with blogging?