Red paper roses

Red paper roses 1

The Prompt for the month of February organized by Writers’ Ezine is Red roses which would inspire anyone to write a love story or something which holds the meaning of love for them. Not following the usual notion behind the roses, I dedicate this prompt and my poem- Red paper roses to all those aged people in our lives who at this stage only thirst for love. Their weak bodies and mind search for love & care and so with this post, I would want to say out to them, that I love their wrinkles, I love their wisdom and their old tales, they are simply beautiful! 🙂

Red paper roses

Red paper roses

She knitted roses of happiness
with hands etched in ink
like the faded inscriptions on an old ship.
Her eyes- deep like an ocean,
had buried
a million memories within itself.

Standing near the pavement,
and perching a crooked smile on her face,
she would gift those red paper roses
to strangers
as she said,”Anata wa korera o torimasu”
with a hope to be gifted a smile back
or a kiss of care on her wrinkled cheek.
But, love never did found her
and the roses remained

her monologue continued.

(“Anata wa korera o torimasu” means “Will you have these?”)



This post has been written for Prompt of the Month; a feature of Writer’s Ezine

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