A “click” that changed my life

Our life is an outcome of many events and the decisions we make are mostly influenced by the ideas and thoughts that click within our mind. We can never decide or ascertain that sometimes, our prompt decisions influenced by the clicks our heart gives us can bring us only happiness. Following the same lines, many times happiness came into my life by such clicks, by … Continue reading A “click” that changed my life

A wonderful Sunday

It was Sunday morning! I was extremely happy about the weekend as I had planned the evening out with my cousins. Everything seemed wonderful that morning- the sun-soaked curtains, the cool wintry breeze lingering through my room every now and then, the mirror! Ah! my mirror! I only progressed towards it, to see my face taken over by a big fat pimple! Oh my gosh! … Continue reading A wonderful Sunday

Things that define me! :)

  Women today are liberal, not only in views or approach, but from their soul too! I personally feel and affirm that yes, my potential cannot be labelled under one name. I am a multitude of personalities and calibre. I am more than just a feminine soul! I can define myself as a daughter, sister, nature lover, web-designer, blogger, hard-working human, feminist, author, poetess, god-fearing … Continue reading Things that define me! 🙂

Weekend Poetry

Hello! A Poem by Maya Angelou to lighten this weekend. I fell in love with this poem when I read it. Some people can be beautiful by just their words. A dedication to this wonderful lady! Happy weekend to all my readers and blogger friends 🙂   Caged Bird BY MAYA ANGELOU A free bird leaps on the back of the wind and floats downstream till the … Continue reading Weekend Poetry

“The Be Inspired Weekly” #28

Greetings! Hi all after a long break from the blog. I know I’ve been away from the challenges, but I really missed reading and commenting on your poems. I felt so empty. I hope that I am back as normal again on the blog and the challenges. Obviously, my illness and bad health kept me from being active, but hopefully, now I may be active … Continue reading “The Be Inspired Weekly” #28

Poetic Form of the Week – Harrisham Rhyme

Greetings! Guys, excuse my absence. I will be back with a post to explain. Apologies! The Poetic Form of the Week is “Harrisham Rhyme“ Harrisham Rhyme, created by the female poet, Harrisham Minhas, belonging to the State of Punjab in India, of a six-line rhyming stanza. In this form, the last alphabet of the first word of each line is the first alphabet of the first … Continue reading Poetic Form of the Week – Harrisham Rhyme